Sunday, January 11, 2015

Blog Post 5

I have made a lot of progress with my project this past month! I have gone to classes almost everyday. I have greatly improved my yoga practice since my last blog post.

Over this holiday season I have noticed a change in my body. I am so much stronger than I was before I started doing yoga religiously. I literally used to have no muscle on my arms, and now they are so much bigger. I feel like I actually am in shape. I have accomplished one of my goals of doing a headstand, so now I want to learn to do a forearm stand and a handstand. Also, my yoga lifestyle has inspired me to start eating extremely healthy.

Since I am at the Yoga Shelter so often, I was asked to be one of their community ambassadors. I filled out an application and I am waiting to hear back from them about what exactly I will be doing. The community ambassador program has not started up yet because the Yoga Shelter is still working out all of the details of it. As a community ambassador I would have to do things involving promoting the Yoga Shelter and bringing in new members. I hope that the program starts up soon and that everything works out.

The lotus flower is a symbol often used in yoga. I just recently found out the meaning behind it. Lotus flowers start their lives underneath the surface of the water, surrounded by mud and dirt. Despite the terrible conditions, lotus flowers remain strong and eventually blossom into beautiful flowers above the surface of the water that get bigger and better each day. The flowers are a symbol for potential and growth. It reminds me of how in yoga and in life, there is always room for you to get better no matter what, even if you start out in a bad place.

I am so happy that I picked to do this for my project. I am still excited about it and I love working on it. My future plans are basically just to keep improving all around and to accomplish my goals. Tomorrow I am going to two yoga classes in one day, which I have never done before. I hope that everything continues to go as well as it has been going so far! Namasté!!

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