Sunday, May 10, 2015

Reflection Post

Reflecting on my project as a whole, I think that it was a success for many reasons. I accomplished most of my goals and learned a lot in the process. Over the course of this past year, I have learned a lot of lessons that are all very different from each other. I learned a lot about commitment, stress, and health. I still do not know which angle I am going to take for my 20 time talk because there are multiple directions that I could go with it.

I am proud to say that I have accomplished the majority of my goals for this project. I dedicated myself to yoga this year. Every week I went to yoga classes almost everyday and when I did not have the time, I tried my best to do yoga at home. I became more flexible and in shape. I was inspired to become a healthier eater because of yoga. If I got the chance to go back and do anything differently with my project, I would have been less lazy and put more effort into it. I would have tried to accomplish more. I am planning on still doing yoga and continuing my project after the school year is over. I will have a lot of time to work on it in the summer. I still want to become a community ambassedor for the yoga shelter and I still need to do aerial yoga. Those are the two main goals that I still need to accomplish, but other than that and over all my project was a success.

By doing this project, I realized that I do not like to commit to anything no matter how much I like it or enjoy doing it. I was quit a lot of things in my life and I think that it is because I do not like commitment. During this project, there were many times when I felt tired and wanted to skip yoga. I think that when I let myself skip one day, it turns into a domino effect and I start wanting to skip multiple days in a row. Since I have never stuck with anything for a long time in the past, I learned with this project that they only way to improve at something is to commit to it. I think that no matter how bad you are at something, you can always improve at it  as long as you commit to it. Commitment is the key to accomplishing any goal.

Yoga is all about synchronizing the body and the breath. Yoga breaths are long deep breaths in through the nose and out either through the nose or mouth. If a pose is hard to hold, the breaths are supposed to help you get through them. This relates to real life and how if you are stressed, it helps to stop what you are doing and take a deep  breath. I think that most people forget to do this and that it would make a big difference in people's lives if they would take the time to stop every once in a while and take a deep breath.

Another important lesson that I learned by doing this project is that it is really important to try to live a healthy lifestyle. Not just yoga, but all exercise helps people feel good and look good. When you exercise, you are more motivated to eat healthy and make healthy choices. Many people do not realize this and do not take care of them selves. If they knew about the benefits of exercise and yoga, then more people would be healthy and in shape.

Commitment, stress, and health are the three different topics that I am thinking about writing my talk on. Once I figure out which one is the best option, I am hoping that the 20 time talk will come easy to me. I have learned a lot this past year by doing my project, so I think that I will definitely have a lot to talk about. I am really happy that I chose to do this as my project. I will never forget it and it changed my life because I am going to do yoga for the rest of my life!